Afro-textured hair continues to be marginalised in salons & by stylists – Hair stylist Magazine

This is simply not something just experienced upon set, although. “I are actually incredibly unlucky in our hair journey to the level exactly where I possess acquired instant high temperature damage, the bleeding head and a lot of tresses loss, ” says esthetician and schooling Alicia Lartey . “People have furthermore blamed the particular outcome of my hair styles on the density of my tresses or the size of my head, that is not something I can control. ”

But , designed for Mensah, the particular blame can be not exclusively on hairstylists but on organisations plus award displays. “If we look with the top haircare organisations, the planks that run them, and the awards shows that they host, this atmosphere doesn’t come as the surprise. It is essential that if we want to see more genuine modify in daily salons throughout the table, we require to discover more radical change from the very best down.  

“For example, award shows could offer more categories that will focus on or even are comprehensive of textured hair instead of segregating them, as well as championing the sounds of those with distinctive hair whenever it comes to plan making. ”

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