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Ted Gibson
Ted is among the most sought-after hair stylists in the particular world together with his work showing up in a few of the very most stunning editorial photoshoots and also backstage at catwalk shows this kind of as Chanel, Prada, Dolce & Gabbana. He’s also on several celebrities’ quickness dial designed for awards time of year, namely Anne Hathaway , Angelina Jolie , Lupita Nyong’o plus many more.

Without additional ado, let’s hear their own top tips…

Can be one piece of hair advice that will everyone can benefit from?

Jen : Tresses health really starts from within. Things such as nutrition, appropriate supplements, rest , and stress administration can many make a massive difference to keep your locks looking the best.

Yusef: Don’t be afraid to attempt new things and test out different styles plus products. While you evolve, therefore should your own hair.

Ted : All women ought to change their hair twice a calendar year. The color, the cut, the particular layers, the particular length. This doesn’t have to become a main change, just something which gives you a brand new approach in order to life.

Sam : Don’t shoot for perfection. Not just is perfect unachievable but it is boring plus looks abnormal. Hair appears much chillier when it is messed upward a bit. I love in order to style the hair, texturise it and undo this to provide it a bit of an advantage.

Frederic : Boost the organic beauty of your hair, do not fight it. Nourish this with the good care plus styling plus find the particular haircut that best matches your encounter shape, tresses texture plus lifestyle.

Chris : Occurs tresses in order to convey yourself, your personality plus individual style. And don’t be afraid associated with changing this up every now and then for a fresh look that fits your private style plus mood. The good design is one particular which makes you feel confident!

Exactly what is your 60-second ultimate styling hack that will creates an immediate transformation?

Jen : The simplest way to include styling that will takes less than 60 seconds, is in order to swap out your part after design. For example , in the event that you styled your curly hair having a center part , flip your own hair to some side part and it’ll add instant volume and completely transform the style.

Ted : Apply an excellent texturising item on dry hair plus blast with a blowdryer to obtain the best volume.

Sam : It’s really less than 60 seconds! Tip your head upside down, apply my Cool Girl Texturizing Spray all through the hair and after that rough this up along with your fingers to style it. Whatever you do, don’t brush this!

Charlotte : Use a diffuser for bouncy, soft curls, more quantity and a defined snuggle pattern .

Philip : Attempt flipping your hair aside for a whole new look instantly. Your hair will feel a lot more lived within with additional texture plus volume.

If you could just use one particular hair item throughout your life, exactly what would this be?

Yusef: Elnett Satin hairspray simply by L’Oreal Paris . We use it for everything from prepping in order to locking hair in.  

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