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A THRIFTY mother saves countless pounds per year with her hair beauty salon hack.

Heidi Ondrak, 51, from Plymouth , says the sure method to get a cheaper cut or colour is to travel outdoors of the particular town and city centers.

A thrifty mum has shared a tip for saving money at the hairdressers


A thrifty mother has shared a tip for preserving money in the hairdressers Credit: Jam Press Vid/@duchessofthrift

Heidi Ondrak saves hundreds with her simple hair salon hack


Heidi Ondrak saves hundreds with her simple hair beauty salon hack Credit score: Jam Press/@duchessofthrift

Heidi says her stylist, Tom, is consistent and has the time to get to know her


Heidi says her stylist, Tom, is certainly consistent plus has the time to get to know the girl Credit: Jam Press Vid/@duchessofthrift

She says high rent costs are usually passed straight down to clients and it can be a lot more cost-effective to go to salons tucked away on casing estates.

Heidi shares tips to help families handle the cost-of-living crisis.

The mum has 36, 600 followers on TikTok and 302, 600 loves across her videos, exactly where she shows her best tips meant for reducing expenses.

In a single associated with her most recent videos, Heidi statements that the lady saves £225 a 12 months by going to small hair salons and spas in a housing estate instead of branded city salons and spas.

“I started using a local salon seven many years ago when i was sick and tired of having to pay city centre prices, ” she mentioned.

“I discovered a nearby salon on Facebook and noticed that their particular new stylist had simply left Toni & Man.

“That’s whenever the cent dropped which i would end up being obtaining a Toni & Guy stylist just for half the price, plus free car parking out associated with town.

“The first-time I actually went I actually had extensions put within to get an one fourth of the price of a city hair salon.

Most go through in Fantastic

“When I told my buddies, they have all of made the in order to this particular little local salon and have been with all of them for 4 years. ”

Heidi states her hair stylist Tom is definitely consistent plus has the time to get in order to know her.

She added: “There is not the higher churn within staff that will you get in town centre pricey salons, so they actually get in order to know a person, and you become familiar with all of them, too. ”

The savvy-saver compares the price list of her local salon with a city centre shop as well as the difference to get a full head of foils is £45.

Heidi stated: “There can be snobbery about things like hair plus people may not realise those little salons are just as good in case not much better than big city centre commercial chains.

“They have the same schooling and use the same products in the same hairdressing wholesalers.

“In the price of living crisis people are having to give up amusement, but by switching in order to a nearby, more inexpensive salon a person may discover that you simply do not have to give up on going to a salon to get your hair done. ”

Heidi’s suggestion has resonated with the girl followers upon TikTok, with many individuals saying they will make the switch.

“Spot on I’m doing it same!!! ” 1 person wrote.

Another person said: “Gonna search for a various hairdresser. ”

“Great suggestions as well as your supporting your own business, ” said someone else.

Another person said: “I’m a hairdresser I totally agree with you. Exact same products… It’s daylight robbery. ”

“And exactly the same exercising and skills, ” Heidi replied.

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An additional fan stated: “I move to our local hairdresser which can be full associated with grannies. Costs me £14 for any reduce and blow dry plus the crack is great with grannies. ”

Various other users known as it the “fantastic idea”

She swears by getting a cheaper cut or colour from a salon outside of town and city centres


She swears by getting a cheaper cut or color from the salon outdoors of city and city centres Credit score: Jam Press/@duchessofthrift

Followers online praised the idea


Followers on-line praised the concept Credit: Quickly pull Press/@duchessofthrift

One hairdresser agreed with Heidi's tip


One hairdresser agreed with Heidi’s tip Credit: Jam Press/@duchessofthrift

One woman said she get a cut and dry for £14


One girl said the girl get the cut and dry pertaining to £14 Credit score: Jam Press/@duchessofthrift

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