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Whenever I starting bleaching our hair, the hairdresser issued a warning.

“It’s an obsession, ” she said, “once you start, you just want to go blonder and blonder. ” 

That’s confirmed to be true, and the side-effect is that the once very easily manageable silky-smooth locks are more prone to breakage plus frizz. And, the greater I have attempted to obtain that creamy blonde look, the even more I’ve invested on curly hair products looking to counteract brassy tones.

At this time, I’ve tried pretty much everything. Metal Detox remedies from L’Oreal, purple shampoos and relationship builders from Olaplex, and, of program, K18, the particular patented peptide hair cover up.

So, whenever Denise Phillips of PELO Hairdressers provided me the chance to try out there the most recent in a prolonged line associated with hair products promising in order to give me personally the globe, I had been fascinated.

The Redken Acidic Developing Concentrate Program is a four-step program that states strengthen destabilized hair a genuine with the help of citric acidity.  

The particular products are sulfate-free plus pH-balanced, plus formulated to protect against the particular unwanted effects of hair coloring, heat styling, and also drinking water. There exists a shampoo, conditioner plus a health and fitness leave-in therapy in the range, but I was many intrigued regarding the pre-shampoo treatment, which usually seems in order to be an alternative for the particular likes associated with Olaplex Simply no. 3 or even K18.

When I arrived at the beauty salon, Denise and my curly hair stylist Chloe talked me personally through the actual product states do — but nothing might have ready me just for the result.

I believe the just before and after can talk for itself, but be enough to say, I actually was really impressed.

I actually left the salon looking like I’d had a colour treatment and an Olaplex therapy, with smoother, silkier hair that had been the rich and creamy blonde tone of my dreams.

So what specifically did Chloe do? Well, she initial left the Redkin Acidic Bonding Concentrate pre-shampoo strenuous treatment upon my hair for a few minutes, then cleaned it out there with 2 shampoos of the Redkin Acidic Bonding Focus shampoo (she warned me all I actually needed to use has been a €1 coin amount), and a round of their conditioner. Finally, she popped within the Redken Acidic Perfecting Concentrate leave-in treatment.

That’s it. No bleaching, no toner, no Olaplex.  

Home care

The Redkin Acidic Bonding Concentrate regime
The Redkin Acidic Bonding Concentrate regime

I’ve been using the variety just for below three days now – the shampoo and conditioner every following day, and the pre-shampoo treatment once a week, and I actually say – We are addicted.

My hair smells incredible (though it can a simple scent, not really overpowering), also it feels ohio so soft and smooth. To me personally, my locks looks and feels stronger, especially the particular ends, but the true test will probably be when We go to the beauty parlor for my next whitening treatment. I can a person posted.

The one thing We haven’t been able to obtain by making use of the products at home will be the beautiful toning effect they obtained in the salon – yet my hard water can be likely in order to blame for that.

Save €€€

The 100ml bottle of Olaplex usually retails for around €27, while the 50ml bottle of K18 is usually €59. By comparison, the Redkin Acidic Developing Concentrate Rigorous Pre-Treatment is €27 to get a 150ml container.  

For the purpose of Black Fri , PELO Hairdressing is providing 25% from the range.  

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