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More than the haircut – Study through Kao uncovers how hair salon visits spend off on personal wellness

  • The survey polled female beauty salon customers from ages 18 plus older who visit the hairdresser at minimum once a quarter. The result: a beauty salon visit not really only pays off on the outer appearance, but additionally fulfills important interpersonal and emotional functions plus contributes to people’s inner well-being.
  • To get a 3rd of UNITED KINGDOM respondents surveyed, visiting the particular hairdresser in order to feel confident about them selves will be the main reason each goes next in order to obtaining a brand new hairstyle whilst 70 % feel a boost of self-confidence rigtht after a vacation towards the salon.
  • Over fifty percent (52 percent) of respondents say they value connection qualities with the hairdresser, such because trust, commitment, and empowerment.
  • 57 % of those selected say they will want in order to maintain exactly what they invest in a visit to the hairdresser despite the present economic situation.
  • With all the study, Kao, the particular world’s fourth largest full-range manufacturer associated with salon products, is releasing a marketing campaign to improve the salon industry that also includes a mini-documentary produced meant for Kao simply by BBC StoryWorks, showcasing how a hairdresser’s craftsmanship creates confidence – both for the stylist and the customer. [1]

London/Darmstadt, 5 December, 2022: The salon industry has proven to provide vital services in order to communities across the nation, that was especially evident during the outbreak. However, the particular sector which usually currently accounts for a yearly turnover associated with £5. 5bn in the particular UK, and it has a hundred and fifty, 000 strong workforce, has endured from the particular consequences of the outbreak and can be additionally facing a decrease in apprenticeships and problems to the high street. [2] At the same time, the has collectively gained plenty of respect during the crisis. To develop upon this and further enhance the particular trustworthiness of the particular salon market, consumer items company Kao, home associated with leading professional hair treatment brands Goldwell, KMS plus Oribe plus the world’s fourth biggest full-range supplier of salon products, commissioned a YouGov survey as well as a film produced by BBC StoryWorks to highlight the interpersonal and psychological benefits of salon appointments and underline the importance of the hairdressing occupation.

The study reveals that nearly 70 percent of the nation find beauty salon visits an important opportunity for self-care, plus 51% consider the connection they present to their particular hairdresser as close since that of a friend. 51 percent of respondents appreciate their particular time going to the beauty salon the exact same way because before the pandemic, while thirty four percent value the assistance a lot more compared to pre-pandemic. The particular results offer insights in to the overall social relevance of an industry that offers more than just an easy haircut.

Sustaining a partnership with the hairdresser is certainly a central factor when the UK consumer chooses a salon. Almost 60 percent of respondents feel their own hairdresser cares about you about all of them being an individual and allows them for who they are. Over 40 percent feel they share the bond with their hairdresser that exceeds providing the service.

“The hairdressing profession requirements to end up being more appreciated” says Philip F. Pfister, President of the international trade association Intercoiffure Mondial. “One matter is apparent: hairdressers are usually masters of their craft. At the same time, they provide a high degree of interest, creativity and empathy to their clientele. When folks go to the beauty salon, they are usually not only paying for a good hair cut, but furthermore for “being pampered” or even for the “time away from everyday life”.

Dominic Pratt, Worldwide President Kao Salon Department comments, “the survey results confirm that hairdressing is definitely about more craftsmanship: it really is about interactions and giving people a deal that can make them feel good on the exterior and the inside. The pandemic has severely impacted the business, in the exact same time they have shown just how much people value the providers and trusting relationships they have with their hairdressing hair salons and spas. We wish to show that the particular industry not really only provides economic worth, but furthermore social worth and exactly how satisfying doing work in this particular profession is usually. ”

As part of their efforts in order to elevate the reputation of the hair salon industry, Kao has also released a mini-documentary produced with regard to Kao by BBC StoryWorks. The film features 2 of Kao Salon Division’s partners; meeting with the owners who provide powerful balances of exactly what drives them daily, how they understand their personal role, and why the particular profession can be so satisfying. At the particular same time, the movie reveals exactly how clients understand their go to the head of hair salon being an act of self-care that not only contributes to their external appearance, yet inner well-being.

According to the Nationwide Hairdressers Federation (NFBH), there have been over fouthy-six, 000 locks and beauty salons in the united kingdom in 2020 with an annual proceeds of close to £5. 5bn. [3] Subsequent the pandemic the development rate had been slower within the number of hairdressings, barbering and beauty businesses than in prior years. Only around 6, 600 individuals started hairdressing and barbering apprenticeships in britain in 2020/21 compared to around 7, 000 within 2019/20. This is a drop of 9% in comparison to the previous calendar year. Current inflation – plus especially the particular rising living costs and energy prices – will offer further financial challenges.

Even so, this study demonstrates despite the current economic scenario, more than half (57 percent) state they would like to spend just as much money as before on going to the hairdresser.

Pratt adds, “As a company that will supplies greater than 40, 1000 salons around the world, we have got made it the mission to provide education and inspiration for the particular hairdressing industry in addition to high-quality products and service concepts, hence enabling the first-class consumer experience. All of us see yourself being a partner to our salon clients and the business as the whole. The goal would be to create open public awareness for this great and important market. ”

This sentiment will be echoed by Pfister which further commented, “This type of customer commitment must be a little more prominent later on – the professional services must gain in gratitude, because the pandemic offers also outlined the economic hurdles from the industry. To aid salons, but additionally to entice young skill to the industry, Kao as being a corporation is making an essential contribution by providing first-class services and products. Upon the one hand plus focusing on the present needs of the hairdressing trade on the other, to drive the industry because a whole forward. ”

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