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A transformation only starts in the particular hairdresser’s chair, because along with a new ’do comes responsibility. It is great to leave the salon along with a glow-up – regardless of whether that’s a brand new cut, the head of highlights, a fresh set of extensions, or even all 3 – yet how your hair people the long term is a collaborative effort, and the client has a big part to play within what happens next.

Conor James Doyle is the hairdresser who else specialises within education. His mission will be “to break down the particular walls between your professional plus consumer, educating both within great locks techniques and maintenance”. His social channels ( @conorjmd ) are usually blowing upward with content material that’s as entertaining as it is informative, and he’s got plenty of ways to reveal means manage salon-standard tresses.

The appointment

We’re possibly all sick of hearing how a wonderful makeover begins with the good, comprehensive consultation, but so be it. “The time for you to decide on your life-changing switch-up is usually not within the stylist’s chair, right just before a five-hour appointment when you possess the kids captive-raised out for the day – that’s a lot of pressure for everyone, ” states Conor. “A much better move is to book 15-30 minutes several days ahead associated with time so the stylist could get a deal with on the client’s personality, their hair and their dreams. This provides the particular process a much better chance associated with success, since sometimes we might need to do a bit of research, or purchase in special products. The perfect solution mightn’t be the particular first concept, so it is good in order to have time to chat and think. It also takes the pressure from the client and professional to go ahead in the event that they’re unhappy. ”

“When it comes to color, clients ought to remember that permanently coloring hair irreversibly changes its structure, specifically where intense lightening will be involved. It is like having a durable piece of fabric plus refining this into some thing a lot more sensitive, so you can not be prepared to become able in order to treat this new material exactly the same method as before. You can not continuously wash this, apply temperature into it, style it plus expect this to thrive. Equally, a person can’t throw a more dark colour along with it plus expect it to move back as to what it has been. You have to respect this delicate material’s brand new integrity and go carefully. ”

Hair extensions

Just like clean colour can bring a whole new perspective on life, so may a change of size, or thicker hair, which also gives a design more entire body and keep. In the particular past 10 years, hair plug-ins have transferred from expert to popular hairdressing plus there are plenty of options. Karen Fraher, owner of The Hive salon within Dublin, is experienced in stunning, very natural extensions and it has tried all sorts of connection, bead plus tape. “As with color, choosing which usually sort of extensions are usually befitting a client is a very individual thing, and dependant on so numerous factors, this kind of as tresses thickness, snuggle, propensity to frizz, color, desired result and budget. The quantity of period a customer is ready to put in to aftercare and refilling is furthermore an option. I love bonds because these people could be tailored very specifically towards the client, as well as the fall is extremely organic, diffusing properly from the basic. Tapes have got come upon significantly in recent years and offer a huge variety of colour option. They can be speedily applied the first period, they do not require heated glue, plus the same hair can be used up to four periods. They are great to fill up in sides where tresses might become sparse or even broken, as well. Nevertheless , they will need in order to be changed more regularly than bonds, and it’s a more time-consuming process compared to client may be aware of. ” As with Conor, Karen recommends an assessment in advance therefore both customer and stylist are assured concerning the last decision.


Whatever intervention you select, the transformation doesn’t end whenever you phase out from the salon. When it comes to aftercare, there are learnings to take on board. The very first lesson is within selecting the right products for the job. “To be truthful, Dont really treatment in case a customer buys products from me, but We want these to get the best plus longest outcomes from their own style, ” says Conor. “So, I usually encourage the customer to take a photograph associated with the items I suggest works greatest, and then these people can perform their own research. It’s also a helpful way to remember the various tips and solutions involved. ”

In terms of controlling extensions on home, Karen suggests clients treat their head of hair type, not the plug-ins. “I usually hear customers asking if a product can be used with extensions, or if this will impact the bonds or tape. The facts of the matter will be that curly hair is a lot a lot more precious, and harder to change than plug-ins, so consistently look after hair. I am a huge fan from the Nioxin system, as this treats the particular scalp and hair follicle and also the existing hair, which means once the extensions turn out, clients are often pleasantly amazed with the consistency and situation of their own tresses. ”


Regardless of the aftercare, there are some crucial elements that apply throughout the board. Cleaning less often is heading to assist for a number of reasons, mainly because it also means less blow-drying, styling, product build-up plus heat. “I suggest lightened clients try to stick to no more than twice per week, unless of course their head is screaming otherwise, ” says Conor. “Also, a lot of people are usually surprised to know that we all have very hard water within Ireland, which usually plays havoc with tresses colour, so washing much less often can help stop cool things happening with your own highlights. ” Equally, and an extremely unpopular part of news, is the fact that fake tan stains the particular hair… think about those orangey sections with the base of your neck. (I know. )

Individuals are surprised to hear that we all have quite difficult, acidic drinking water in Ireland in europe, which performs havoc with hair colour, so washing less frequently will assist stop cool things occurring along with your illustrates.

Upon the issue of modifications to tresses colour, Conor points out there the presently extremely popular platinum eagle shades will certainly always fade to gold. “That’s for a number of reasons, yet it’s going to happen. But before lunging towards a bottle of blue shampoo, it is important to correctly diagnose what the problem actually is. Pertaining to example, if the hair has gone dull, more dark, maybe even a little green, the issue is more than likely hard drinking water or some type of build-up. Including purple hair shampoo over this can actually include more gas to the particular fire, ensuing in without life, sludgy locks. A cleansing treatment such as Color Amazing Dream Filtration system, anti-mineral shampoos like L’Oréal Professionnel’s Metallic Detox or brightening shampoos like Redken High Bright could become the best answer. You may even require a shower filtration system – Feel salon in Co Cavan has started making an excellent, affordable 1. ”

“If the issue is more such as extreme yellow (assume harsher better tones versus dull), then purple hair shampoo could be the answer. It’s important to work with a high-quality a single (Redken Blondage is lovely) and just use every single few flushes as required. It’s probable you might need a mixture of all the options mentioned above; that’s in which a professional can guide a person. ”


Bonding treatments like Olaplex have already been the gamechanger within colour, permitting stylists in order to push more with shade-change while keeping hair high quality. Conor suggests clients adhere to up salon treatments by making use of Olaplex No 3 (the at-home version of the professional Olaplex No 2) to damp hair the particular evening just before a tresses wash, the first three times after color. “Not following plan good home care is a fantastic, ” echoes Neill Cooney, a stylist with Brownish Sugar. “It’s like heading to a personal trainer to exercise, and after that stopping in McDonald’s on the method home. ”


Armed with the perfect tools, and a bit associated with knowledge, maintaining hair looking its greatest becomes much more simple. One associated with Neill’s essential ways to the great home blow-out is just not to blast-dry the tresses too much prior to styling. “Often, we hear which the locks ought to be eighty % dry, but We suggest reducing that returning to about fifty per cent. When the locks is dried out, you already know the particular potential to include volume. Raise the basic under tension and make use of a styling product to include dimension and hold. Remember, gravity will always pull hair down, so go big, and do not brush out curls until the last minute. ”


Finally, it’s about expectations… and those Instagram or Pinterest pictures we all provide into hair salons and spas. While they will may end up being great in order to draw inspiration from, remember a stationary, optimally-lit, the majority of likely heavily filtered picture is very not the same as reality; so cut yourself – and your stylist – a few slack plus enjoy your look nevertheless it evolves. Perfection is since elusive as it can be boring.

hair salon-fresh

1 Redken Acidic Bonding Concentrate Shampoo, €27, Conditioner, €27, and leave-in treatment, €27. The three-step, multitasking system intended for intense conditioning and decreased breakage whilst prolonging salon-grade colour plus smoothing/defrizzing hair.

2 Kérastase Blonde Absolu Shampoo, €25. 90. Banishes yellow tones from icy blondes. Make use of the clear Bain Lumière shampoo frequently and then renew blondes having a green punch associated with Ultra-Violet since needed.

several L’Oréal Professionnel Metal Detox Shampoo, €28. Removes the particular compounds in hard water to dramatically freshen plus brighten colour. A new gamechanger with conditioner and cover up also obtainable.

4 Olaplex No 3, €27. fifty. The home remedy to maintaining hair strong and healthful after colour. Apply to damp tresses as a cover up prior to washing.

5 L’Oréal Professionnel Tecni. Art Pli, €19. A great blow-dry involves providing hair storage. Pli is a styling squirt that shields, shapes, defrizzes and keeps.

6 Color Wow Dream Filter, €28. A making clear pre-shampoo treatment to lighten up and appropriate hair colour. Apply to dry curly hair for one to 3 minutes before washing.

This short article originally appeared within the Summer time issue of IMAGE Publication. Photography simply by Jason Lloyd Evans.

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