Tried & Tested: ‘I went to a plant-based hair salon (with edible ingredients! ) and the hair offers never been shinier’ — image. for instance

Having darkish hair is definitely both the blessing plus a curse.  

Professional: minimal upkeep. I visit the salon maybe twice the year… through salon I am talking about my living room where our mam sits me down, puts a towel close to my shoulders and really does her best Edward Scissorhands impression.  

Con: you’re basically condemned to a life of sameness. Some people like consistency, but every summer the urge to do something *drastic* attacks and I bemoan the dark locks once again.  

As being a quite dark-haired golden-haired (my curly hair borders a lot more on dark than chocolates brown), there is not a great deal that can be carried out with our mop. We can experiment with length plus layers or perhaps get a fringe if I’m fearless enough, but colour smart? Yeah, I am likely in order to look by doing this forever. Which can be a tough pill in order to swallow from times.

I did so dip-dye our hair 12 months, but a mixture of chlorine, an excessive amount of sun and extremely little TLC meant how the bright blue I started with only lasted all five minutes and I invested the remainder of my vacation with scraggly, grey pieces poking out there of my ponytail. Not a good look.  

But We digress – the objective of this post is not in order to complain yet to commemorate, for I recently tried a new hair treatment and I am fully transformed.  

Invited into the particular newly opened up Organic Italian Hairdressing salon out within Dun Laoghaire, I put the top-line idea of the things i was in designed for, but the result was much more impressive than We were anticipating.

The backstory

Going up by husband and wife duo, Francesco Piccolo and Ivana Margarini, the particular couple moved to Ireland using their family about six years ago. Both hairdressers with close to two years of encounter under their particular belts, these people initially fixed up store out within Dalkey exactly where they went an effective hair salon until November of last year.  

Keen to expand the business into other locations, they decided to close that will branch plus move to Upper George’s Street within Dun Laoghaire and thus Organic Italian Hairdressing, the salon-cum-apothecary/concept store was born.  

So, what is the hook?  

Organic Italian Hairdressing has a serious unique business structure in that it is 100% plant-based, organic and chemical-free. Most of colours, fitness and scalp treatments are produced from pure natural ingredients that are vegan, cruelty-free and eco-friendly… in fact, it is possible to eat many of them.

Trained in the “Con Le Mani” method (roughly translated since “using your hands”), the entire process is unique to every individual customer – meaning that will your hair dresser can create some thing specifically designed to get you/your scalp. One dimension will not suit all when it comes to hair care, evidently.

The experience

Heading to a proper salon to get my hair cut by the professional is usually a high-class, purely due to the fact it’s not really something I actually often perform. Organic Italian language Hairdressing brings the experience the step beyond with their offering. A lot more hair health spa than curly hair salon, they will place them selves firmly within the wellness classification and I actually can realize why.  

A beautifully furnished idea store greets you as you enter, filled with an array of vegan treats, different artisan projects and the couple’s own customized selection of haircare products. The particular hairdressing head office can be found more inside, where soothing songs and the sound of trickling water offer the soundtrack. Everything is very “no hurry, no worry”.  

Sliding a protecting silk robe over our clothes, Ivana sits me personally down in front of the mirror exactly where she starts assessing my hair. Dry and frizzy. Both true. Moving towards the back from the room, she selects a few of the glass powder-filled jars and begins mixing together a concoction associated with red clay-based and spirulina.  

Holding the now liquidy paste under my nose for myself to smell, I’m a little sceptical – even a lot more in order the girl starts lathering it onto my scalp. Then arrives another mix of spirulina, banana, delicious chocolate and amla (an Of india fruit rich in vitamin C) which the girl applies in order to the lengths of our hair, wrapping it directly into a neat bun-like coil before sprinkling powdered turmeric on top.

The particular whole thing is very intriguing, though also very humorous – it is hard not to laugh at my reflection with green-tinged sideburns.

Does this work?

In a word, yes. The particular halfway point would recommend otherwise, yet trust the process (and Ivana! ) because the results speak for themselves. 30 minutes below a machine infused along with rose water and lavender, followed by a tresses wash, head massage and blowdry and I’m the new woman entirely.

My head feels thoroughly clean, my locks is shinier than it has been in yrs and for some reason even our usually dark lifeless curly hair, looks lighter and more chocolatey too. Go for the scalp treatment, stay designed for the spelt biscuits plus herbal tea.  


Scalp treatments from Organic Italian language Hairdressing from €45 and you could find out there more home elevators their internet site organicitalianhair. bio/ .  

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