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MEET the Poole hairdresser striving for ‘completely cruelty free of charge hair’.

30-year-old Courtney Manning works as a hairdresser from the girl home hair and facial salon in Baiter Park, but there’s a lot more to her business than limits and colours.

With all the current hairdressing products she uses getting vegan plus cruelty free, she has quickly been top quality Poole’s extremely own ‘vegan hairdresser’.

Courtney said: “It’s just about reducing pet cruelty and having wonderful hair with it. ”

The concept for the particular salon, known as Hairbevore, followed Courtney’s years associated with experience seeing that a hairdresser, and the girl adopted vegan diet.

She said: “I’ve been hair dressing inside salons for approximately 14 or 15 many years now, and I decided to leave plus set upward my personal hair salon.

“Being vegan myself, I wanted all my items to end up being vegan plus cruelty free of charge. ”

Whenever looking intended for vegan and cruelty totally free products, Courtney said the girl was ‘shocked’ to see exactly how many hair products and colours contain animal products or are usually tested upon animals.

Bournemouth Echo: Courtney Manning in her home salon

Bournemouth Echo: Courtney Manning in her home salon

Courtney Manning in the girl home beauty salon (Image: Courtney Manning)

The girl added: “Even though pet testing is definitely illegal inside this country, you may still buy products which are tested upon animals from other countries that have been imported in.

“For hair products- the shampoos and stuff- it was not too poor as right now there were lots of vegan options, but to discover a vegan coloring brand, I truly had to do the research. ”

Since introducing Hairbevore on November one, the ‘vegan hairdresser’ has had what she describes being an “overwhelming” reaction.

She said: “People were really good, even non vegans. I think people are looking regarding more vegan and cruelty free products now.

“I’ve been really overwhelmed along with the positivity around it all. ”

Naturally , the start of the business proceeds to have its challenges. Introducing a new concept at a time of soaring costs after an outbreak wasn’t going to be simple, but Courtney is ensuring she remains positive.

She said: “It’s been hard. I believe anyone would certainly be lying down if these people said it wasn’t hard right now. Yet I always point out, unless you give up, you can’t fail. ”

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