Web Design Services in Toronto

If you are in need of a professional web design service, Toronto is a great city to consider. With so many talented designers, you’ll be sure to find one that can help you create the best website for your business. You’ll be able to choose a team that has the expertise you need and the experience to help your business grow and thrive.

Search Gather

Search Gather is a digital marketing agency located in Toronto that specializes in conversion, landing page optimization, paid search, and paid social. They provide digital marketing solutions that result in organic growth across all major digital ad platforms. Their services include Google, Facebook, and Amazon ads, as well as CRM integrations and tracking and analytics. With a focus on the customer, they help startups and small businesses build their identity and get their name out there. Whether you’re a start-up in need of a website or an established company looking to increase traffic and sales, their expert team can get you started.

Major Tom

Major Tom is a marketing company that offers a wide range of services. It focuses on E-Commerce, travel, consumer packaged goods, and tourism. The company also provides web design and analytics consulting.

Major Tom has offices in Vancouver, Toronto, and New York. Some of its clients include Orkin, COBS Bread, Denny’s Restaurants, and the Motion Picture Association of America. Their services range from website design to social media. They are known for providing the best customer service and helping organizations connect with the right audience.

The company has a staff of 86 employees, and 60 of them work in Vancouver. They are dedicated to offering premium online positioning to their clients. Using a combination of top level strategic consultancy and impeccable implementation, they help their clients reach their target audiences.


If you are looking for a new website design, consider using a reputable company like 2Marketing, which has more than 10 years of experience in the web design biz. They have a portfolio of websites that can be a good fit for your business, and are known for their commitment to customer service. Plus, they can help you with the more technical aspects of SEO. This is a vital step in establishing a strong digital presence. So, if you are looking to build a website in Toronto, take a look at their services.

It’s hard to find the best SEO service in the city, but you can bet that 2Marketing is in the business of providing you with the top-notch digital marketing services you need to succeed in today’s competitive online business world.

Pound & Grain

Pound & Grain is a digital agency located in Toronto and Vancouver. They have a strong design team which matches their clients’ needs to the right web design. Having worked with big brands and small startups alike, they have a strong grasp of what makes for a successful website.

The agency also boasts of a slick workflow system that keeps things flowing and on time. The company has a slew of full service solutions, from web development to social media marketing and everything in between. Founded in 2010, the team has more than a decade of experience under its belt.

One of the more exciting things about Pound & Grain is that the team is more than just web designers and technologists. The company has a strong focus on user experience and data science, which helps them design products and services that deliver results.

Arete Soft Labs

For a business looking to launch a new website, Arete Soft Labs is an apt steward to the throne. They have a track record of delivering on their promises. The name is synonymous with bespoke ecommerce solutions and custom web application development. Amongst the myriad of services, their flagship offerings include Search Engine Marketing and Digital Marketing, Web Development, Mobile Development and App Design, Social Media Marketing, Content Development, e-commerce and eCommerce solutions and more. As of this writing, they have an impressive client base of over 500 enterprises from across the country. Considering their track record, it’s easy to see why they have earned the top spot on our list of the best companies to work with in Toronto.

Noble Desktop

Noble Desktop offers training in web design and other topics to companies, organizations and individuals throughout Toronto. Students can choose from online classes, in-person classes, or a certificate program. Web design is an important skill for any business. These programs provide a comprehensive education to help students build a successful career in the field.

Noble’s Web Design Certificate is a 90-hour course that covers the fundamentals of coding and designing websites. Participants learn how to create responsive web pages using HTML and CSS. They also receive instruction on creating web graphics, email design, and other coding skills. A professional portfolio is also included.

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